Subaru Legacy 2010

Изменение штатной подсветки салона, подсветка ног, замена ламп в плафонах на светодиодные модули

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Qazi Haque  - 2010 subaru legacy gt   |2011-04-28 07:00:05
I am from the United States and wanted to know how much the led tail lights and headlights are in us dollars and if you would ship them here. Thank you.
p.s. really liked the style
head/ tail lights   |2012-05-27 03:55:57
Hello I am also from the united states and was wondering the price for front and rear tail lights for the subaru legacy 2010?
Кара  - ПРИОРА   |2012-06-12 00:32:10
Ребята, молодцы, красиво. А сколько будет стоить так же пересветить приору.???
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